One of the most influential of all sense is the sense of touch. Skin is the largest organ of the human body which has a unique property of sensing the environment around us. From time immemorial sense of touch gives a feeling of security, relaxation and love. We hold hand to feel secure embrace each other to show our affection. Since the unique sense of touch has given us a feeling of relaxation, peace and love, different types of massages have been developed in different civilization for different types of application.

Massage chairs are touted to benefit you, and save your money. As it’s a one-time cost, so you won’t be paying any expenses again and again to get a massage. So, if you are looking for some outstanding massage chairs, then here are 3 of the best of them.

Best Massage Chairs Compared

1) Premium BESTMASSAGE Black Portable Massage Chair

Premium BESTMASSAGE Black Portable Massage Chair

The Premium BESTMASSAGE Black Portable Massage Chair is a comfortable chair that comes in 5 different colors. It features a soft PU surface that gives you an instant comfort as soon as you rest your back on it. The seat can be adjusted to your desired height, and its hand rest and head rest gives you double the comfort.

It measures 29 inches in length, 48 inches height, and 18 inches width. A carry case is packed with the chair for free that is used for different items. The chair is capable of bearing 700 lbs, while static and 300 lbs. when working.



The BRAND NEW ZERO GRAVITY MASSAGE CHAIR RECLINER features a three-year limited warranty and is one of the most comfortable massage chairs ever. It is quite a big chair with multiple functions, each giving out its best to deliver you with the most intuitive and relaxing experience ever.

The soft, but stuffy cushions give instant relief from stress and pain. You can order the BRAND NEW ZERO GRAVITY MASSAGE CHAIR RECLINER from Amazon today.

3) Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

The Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair that comes in 4 different colors is a super-comfortable massage chair with great features. It gives a body massage covering 1200 square inches area easily with a soothing experience giving you an instant stress reliever.

Massage including erotic massage has been well documented in our history in ancient civilizations, like Egyptian, Greek, Indian and Chinese. Public bathrooms and massage centers were popular during the time of Mohenjo-Daro and Mesopotamian civilization. Massage is a form of relaxation as well a form of medical treatment some time, it’s for entertainment and sometimes it’s a necessity. It is believed as well debated that massage provides several health benefits. However it is well believed that massage provide mental and physical relaxation, reduces joint pains from injuries and arthritis. Massage also helps to reduce anxiety and lessen effects of insomnia.

Though we all know that massage gives a sense of relaxation to our tired bodies, it is not always possible for us to go to a spa for a massage session. The factor may vary from person to person like affordability or time constraint.

With the advent of development of personalized electronic and electrical products Massage Chairs have been introduced in the market during the latter half of the twentieth century. Several companies have brought innovative products in the market to satisfy the needs and aspiration of the generation. Massage chairs are the best option to relax and enjoy a private massage session.

Massage chair was first introduced in Japan and till date Japanese product have an edge above other available products. Massage chairs which are available in the market offers a range of functions which caters to the need of different types of consumers. Individual need also differs from one user to another, some may look for full body massage for relaxation another may look for a localized pain solution.

Massage chairs are complex machines and one has to understand his own and family need before buying one. Massage chairs generally offers different massage techniques like Shiatsu and Swedish massage. Shiatsu is a Japanese form of massage which includes massaging by finger, hand and palm pressure along with joint mobilization. Swedish massage is another popular form of massage which involves gentle tapping and vibration with circular movements.

Massage chair inhibits those functions by placing airbags and using small electrical motors to apply localized pressure.The next functionality provided by the massage chairs are of inclination position of the body with some massage chair provides 180O reclining effect. Massage chair which offers 180o reclining effect provide full body massage which mimics massage given by a professional masseuse.

Massage chairs are equipped with air bags which are inflated by air and they provide regular massage by applying pressure to legs, hands shoulders etc. You can find massage chairs in different shapes and sizes with varied functions and application.

Massage chair are programmed for giving different type of massage targeting individual needs and customers. Some massage chairs are programmed to give localized massage to hands, shoulder, neck, back etc. and provide pain relief.

The massagers in massage chair offer an option to regulate intensity, time and methods of massage like vibration, kneading etc. Some massage chair provides entertainment system in the form of mp3 players with wireless head phones for complete relaxation of mind. Massage chairs also provide Bluetooth connectivity to your apple or android device to have access to the controls in your fingertips.

Massage chairs are also fitted with full color integrated display which offers to view the controls. Massage chairs have preset programmed massages option along with timers; once you preset a massage mode the chair will offer you a perfectly timed and programmed full body massage. Some massage chairs are equipped with infrared heater which offers hot massage.

Before buying a massage chair one should do a thorough research and study the types of chairs available in the market to find out the best massage chair. Some massage chairs are heavy and require a lot of space; one should keep in mind such factor before buying. One should get a feel of the chair before buying to check the comfort level and massage intensity. Understanding the different function and functionality of the massage chair is also important to enjoy the program and features of the product.

Checking of accessories provide with the massage chair is important as their requirement is justified or not as addition of such accessories not only adds up to the cost but also requires more space. Further one has to assure himself about delivery and warranty issues of the product, as the product may need regular servicing. Since the product is an electrically operated machine products having safety certificates should be opted for even if they cost more.

Finally when we see all the options available to us and pros and cons of a massage chair we need to sort out our priorities. We need to compare massage chair with traditional massage similarly comparison between massage chairs to be done before taking the final decision.

Massage given by traditional masseuse involves human expertise and the quality of service may vary greatly from person to person. A massage chair whereas provides a standard service to the user. Traditional masseuse often share a sentimental attachment to their client which is absent in case of massage chair.

Once the best model is chosen the next step to decide from where it is to be bought. Both online and offline purchase option is available but before making the final call check about the delivery options at your address and warranty issues.Once the product is delivered check with all the function of the massage chair and enjoy the best massage them product can offer.

The massage chair was introduced back in 1980’s, and it intends to stimulate special motions and different techniques, that a real masseuse is capable of providing you. The main purpose of a massage chair is to give your relieve, alleviate the tension, reduce back pain and stress. Massage chairs took a while to get on the road. However, gradually the interest of people in this innovation increased with time, and also there came several designs, brands, and models. The spurring competitors began to compete for the most intuitive designs and features to attract more customers for their best massage chairs.

Types of Message Therapy Techniques with Massage Chairs

The massage chairs are specifically designed to give relief using special techniques that give you the therapies like Shiatsu and Swedish massage.

Shiatsu: It involves pressing, sweeping, patting, rotating and rolling movements that give you relieve from tension and stress in different parts of your body.

Swedish Massage: This massage involves elongates gliding strokes with the kneading motion that enhances the circulation in your body, and also makes your muscles flexible and stress-free.

Components of a Massage Chair

The massage chair is equipped with different components, and their collective performance gives you a great experience, that is even better than the massage centers. Below are some important components of a massage chair:

1. Massage Chair Motors that play a great role in the mechanical movements like the nodes, rollers, and other machinery.

2. Nodes and rollers that come in varying size and shapes with a cushion that rolls and nodes over your body. The control panel is programmed, and you have to adjust it with simple buttons for speed or force.

3. Smart Control Panel that is user-friendly and lets you control over the messaging system easily. You can adjust the chair if you want to take a nap or want to read while you get a massage.


There are healthcare programs included in the package with eight pre-installed massage functions for day or night.