Complete Relaxation with Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro Ultra

Massage chairs are considered as your personal massage therapists at home. With long working hours, it is but natural to feel tired and sore after work. A therapeutic massage is the best way to relax and ease the tense muscles and body. However, it is not possible to get this type of massage at the massage parlors and spas every day for time and money constraints. But you now have personal massage therapists at home – the massage chairs.

Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro Ultra

The massage chairs available in the market are heavy grade chairs that provide ultimate features and functions that promise complete comfort and relaxation. As there are so many types of machines with somewhat similar features, choosing the best among these becomes a little difficult.

Here we have the Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro Ultra, a massage chair that promises complete relaxation and ease. While the company claims it to be the best machine in the category, it is only after a review of its features, functions, pros and cons can this claim be justified. So, here is a review of the same:


Full body massage programs: with more than ten different forms of massage operations, the Panasonic EP MA73 promises full body massage that would soothe your tired muscles to the core. The various massage operations ensure that no body part is left while massaging and that is the reason why there is a separate massage for each part. These massage operations include hip and thigh massage, arm and hand massage, shoulder massage, leg massage, heated foot massage, heated head massage, calf massage and pelvis and buttocks massage.

New Quadruple Stretch: as an improvement of the EP MA70, the EP-MA 73 is better in the sense that it has a new quadruple stretch technique that provides deep stretching therapy for the neck, shoulders, pelvis and legs. This type of deep stretching is not found in many massage chairs available in the market.

Multiple air bags: there are 33 air bags in the EP-MA73 version of the Panasonic massage chair. These air bags are located in different areas of the chair enabling it to give the most comforting massage.

New ultra kneading technology: another new feature added to the EP-MA73 massage chair is that of ultra kneading technology. This feature promises to give your palms and feet sole a relieving massage, a feature uncommon for most other similar massage chairs.

Heated rollers: the Panasonic EP MA73 Real Pro Ultra is not just a simple massage chair that only provides heat massage treatment. It is probably the only chair that offers ground breaking heat massage with heated rollers and not the usual stationery heat massage.

Futuristic and innovative design: the design and looks of the Panasonic EP-MA73 is futuristic. Placed in a corner of your home, the machine is sure to attract your friends or other guests. It is symbolic of your high taste and preference.

Body Scan Feature: the massage chair from Panasonic promises personalized massage experience as it is capable of scanning the body for its contour and shape. The infrared and optical scanning helps the machine in adjusting to the contour of the body promising complete comfort.

Powerful motors: there are eight powerful motors in-built in the massage chair. These powerful motors ensure that all the parts of the chair function optimally for a long duration.

Redesigned leg rest: as compared to the EP-MA70, the EP-MA73 is more comfortable as it has been redesigned with new features, the leg rest being one of them. It has been made more light weight than the earlier version. It has the unique rotating feature that hides the leg massagers when not required. There is also a mild massage roller that gives a kneading massage to the tired feet soles.


Now that we have discussed the features of the Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra, it is time to analyze its advantages over other machines. Here are some of the pros of the machine:

  • Quadruple Stretching: The new Quadruple Stretching massage is a definitely a new feature present in this machine, making it stand out of the rest. The technique works well for the shoulders, neck, legs and pelvis.
  • Heated Massage: while other machines only offer a heated massage to the body, the EP-MA73 offers heated head massage as well. The heated head massage works wonderful for mentally tired individuals who simply wish to relax and unwind.
  • Humanistic foot massage: the foot massage offered by the machine is somewhat similar to that given by any human massage therapist. Moreover, the foot massage being a heated one is great to relieve tired feet.
  • Easy-to-use controls: the machine is very simple when it comes to controls and features. There are easy-to-use modes that can be controlled by a remote. The sleek designed remote is mounted on the chair for easy access but can be un-mounted as required.
  • Warranty: Panasonic presents this massage chair with a five year warranty enabling you to enjoy uninterrupted massage at home.


Although the massage chair EP-MA73 has a number of features in its favor, it is not free of its drawbacks. The first of these drawbacks is that its timer can be set for 5/15 minutes only. Users wish to have longer sessions of the massage, which is possible by extending the timer each time reaches its peak. The second drawback of the massage chair is that it is a tad costlier than other similar-featured machines. Other than these drawbacks, the machine is excellent for a full body massage at home.


Panasonic has always been working to find new ways to improve their products, massage chairs being one of them. Based on the feedback of the consumers, the problematic features in the EP-MA70 have been improved to give better massage experience. These changes have been incorporated and personalized for users to help them relieve fatigue and live a healthier life. So, if you are looking for a personal massage therapist at home, you can choose the Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra.

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