Experience Total Relaxation with Osaki OS 7075R ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair

A good therapeutic massage can be wonderful for the tired and aching muscles. However, it is not always possible to get one at a spa either due to time constraints or other reasons. Nevertheless, you can get a full body massage at home by massage chairs that are equally good.

Osaki OS 7075R ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair

As there are several massage chairs with equally good and somewhat similar features, it becomes difficult to find the one that best suits your requirement. However, there are certain factors that can help you find the ideal massage chair for your home. Here we have on review the Osaki OS 707R Zero Gravity Massage Chair, which is touted to be the ultimate machine for tired and sore muscles.

It is important to analyze the functions, features, pros and cons of the Osaki massage chair, before we come to any conclusion regarding its claim of being the best massage chair for total relaxation.


Multiple airbag system: the Osaki massage chair is loaded with 46 airbags enabling them to provide a complete body massage to the shoulders, head, hands, leg, arms, thighs and feet. There are multiple programs for the air massage that include lower, upper and whole body massage. You can even customize the air massage system to combine with the mechanical massage.

Preset programs: the chair has six inbuilt auto programs that cover the entire body. You can change the speed and intensity of the programs as per your requirement. But the programs are so designed that they provide a complete massage specific to the body part for which they have been designed.

Zero gravity technology: this is an absolutely new feature introduced in the Osaki OS 707R Zero Gravity Massage Chair. The technique involves reclining the back to an extent where the legs, specifically the knees are elevated above the heart. This reclining position takes off the pressure from the spine, offering a state of complete relaxation.

Infrared Body Scan Technology: before the massage chair begins any therapy, it scans the body through its infrared body scan technology. This scan helps the chair to scan the body for its contour and adjust accordingly for each user.

Multiple massage Options: the best thing about the Osaki massage chair is that it offers various massage options some of which are new to the Osaki range of massage chairs. The massage options offered by the machine include pelvis swaying massage, new Thai body massage, new foot roller massage, outer shoulder massage, hand and arm massage, leg and calf massage, head air massage, special neck massage and heating massage.

One Touch return button: you can simply return to the starting position by pressing one single button. Although this may not sound like an important feature, but once you are nice and relaxed, you do not want to go through a series of button pressing to bring back the chair to its starting position.

Powerful motors: all the functions and massage options of the Osaki massage chair are handled by the 13 powerful motors that the chair has. As these motors work independently for each function, they assure better durability and longevity of the chair and the motors.

Extended massage range: the Osaki OS 707R Zero Gravity Massage Chair has an extended massage range that covers at least 31 inches of your back body. The extended vertical massage range helps in covering the entire back right till the tailbone.

User-friendly design and structure: the 707R is so designed that it offers a comfortable seating position at all times. It follows the fall to sleep principle ensuring complete comfort. The machine has a simple-to-use interface.


There are several pros of the Osaki 707R massage chair. Let us review these pros one by one:

  • Extended vertical range of massage: as compared to other similar massage chairs, the Osaki 707R offers a longer range of vertical massage. This ensures complete massage right from the neck to the tailbone.
  • Sleek and futuristic design: the machine is very good to look at in person. It has a nice futuristic look along with some very intriguing massage options.
  • Zero gravity technology: the newly introduced zero gravity technology is what makes the 707R stand apart from its competitors. By putting the body into a “neutral body position”, it offers complete relaxation. There is no pressure on the spine as you are in a zero-gravity position with your legs above your heart.
  • Nice massage programs: along with the six inbuilt programs, the Osaki 707R offers multiple massage options, some of which are absolutely new to the world of massage chairs. These massage options cover the entire length of the body and even cover the arms, hands, legs and feet.
  • New Foot Roller Massage: this is another new feature introduced in the Osaki massage chair and is revolutionizing the foot massage zone. The rollers massage the feet soles giving you a relaxing feeling.
  • Affordable Price: affordability is another factor that goes in favor of the Osaki OS 707R Zero Gravity Massage Chair. The machine is affordable and falls within the range of $3000 – $4000. There are other similar machines that cost higher than the 707R model. So, at a competitive price, the 707R gives you value-for-money.


There are not many things to complain about the Osaki 707 massage chair. The only drawback that can be mentioned here is that it is a tad heavy and cannot be moved easily from one place to another. But this is definitely an issue that can be dealt with at some point of time.


Now that we have analyzed the pros and cons of the Osaki OS 707R Zero Gravity Massage Chair, we can safely say that the former far outweigh the latter. The Osaki 707R is definitely worth the investment, considering its many features. The machine is sophisticated, fairly priced, offers a range of advantages along with added health benefits.

The massage chair also comes with great warranties enabling you to enjoy the relaxation without spending extra money, later on. It is a complete machine that offers quality massage.

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