Osaki OS 7200H Zero Gravity Heating Massage Chair S track OS7200H Review

There is nothing better than a full body massage after a hard day at work. But getting one everyday at a massage parlor or spa is not feasible due to many reasons. However, you need not worry as there are many types of massage chairs that provide massage akin to humanistic massage given by a therapist.

Osaki OS 7200H Zero Gravity

There are many massage chairs available in the market. Therefore, choosing one can be difficult. But if you look into the features, pros and cons of various machines and then make a comparison, you can surely find the best massage chair for yourself.

Here we have the Osaki OS 7200H Zero Gravity Heating Massage Chair S track OS7200H chair that is claimed to be the best in its category. It not only provides the best massage to soothe a tired body but it also gives therapeutic health benefits. However, this claim by the manufacturers can only be considered true, after analyzing its functions, features and pros, cons.


Computer body scan: the Osaki OS 7200 is equipped with a computer body scan system that detects your body curve, the moment you sit on the chair. The body scan enables the machine to adjust itself according to the contour of your body. It takes into considerations even the minutest of the body details so that no part is left out.

S-track rolling technology: while other massage chairs have vertical massage motion, the Osaki 7200 has the S-track rolling technology, which enables its roller heads to provide a more consistent massage to the back. Other machines apply uneven pressure at the back, but 7200 OH is capable of putting consistent and even pressure on the lower and upper back, alike. The rollers can focus on the shoulder, neck and lumbar massage areas.

Multi zero gravity positions: the machine boasts of providing multiple stages zero gravity positions, a feature not seen in many other similar range massage chairs. The multi-stage zero gravity position minimizes the pressure on the spinal axis that is generally put by other massage chairs.

Quad Roller massage system: the machine is equipped with rollers that simulate the movement of human fingers and thumbs during a massage. This provides a realistic massage as given by a human therapist.

Multiple air bags: there are more than 50 air bags in the machine, 51 to be specific. These air bags are strategically placed all over the chair to provide an even massage to all parts of the body. Vital areas such as back, neck and shoulder, hands and arms, calves and feet are covered very well.

Auto leg scan: while most machines provide the full body scan, the Osaki OS 7200H Zero Gravity Heating Massage Chair S track OS7200H offers automatic leg scan. This scan helps the machine to adjust itself according to the length of the user’s leg. This helps in ensuring that the massage is given properly to the correct area.

Heat therapy: as the name of the machine specifies, it provides heat therapy to soothe the tired and sore muscles. There are two heat pads located along the shoulder. These pads loosen the muscle tissues enabling the rollers to apply a deeper and more effective massage. Tension and stress is easily released from the neck and shoulders by this heat therapy.

Multiple massage operations: there are multiple massage operations offered by the machine. These operations include health care, circulation, relax, and smart, therapy and automatic massage. There is also Thai massage, hip and pelvis massage, arm and hand massage, outer shoulder massage offered by the machine. The massage styles include Shiatsu, Clapping, Air Massage, Tapping, Kneading, Rolling and Vibration.

Stretch mode: the stretch mode of the chair stretches the body especially the muscles and joints of the lower back to give a soothing feeling. The air bags firmly grip the calves and stretch them slowly.


Why should you buy this machine if there are so many other similar massage chairs in the market? Obviously for the advantages that the massage chair provides over the others. the Osaki OS 7200H Zero Gravity Heating Massage Chair S track OS7200H definitely has some glaring advantages when compared to others and these advantages make it stand out. These pros are as follows:

  • Heat therapy: the added heat therapy feature makes this machine definitely ‘buyable’. The feature of heat therapy is being added to most machines simply for the fact that heat relaxes and soothes the tired muscles.
  • Thai Massage: this is also one feature that makes the Osaki 7200 a good machine. Thai massage is very effective for the tired muscles and not all machines provide this type of massage. So if you are looking for a personal Thai massage therapist, this is the massage chair to choose.
  • Music Sync mode: the music sync mode is very useful for music lovers. The chair synchronizes with the music being played. You can just place your music device or iPod in the docking station and the chair would vibrate along with the music.


Although there are so many advantages of the massage chair, it is not free of its drawbacks. There are no major cons of the machine except for the placement of the heating pads. The heating function in the Osaki chair is limited only to the neck and shoulder area. Had the heat therapy been introduced for the entire body or at least for the lumbar region or lower back, it would have been much better. Other than this disadvantage, there are no other major drawbacks, making this machine an excellent buy.


Now that we have analyzed the features, pros and cons of the Osaki OS 7200H Zero Gravity Heating Massage Chair S track OS7200H, we can safely say that the machine is extremely good. It provides all the functions appropriately to give a full body therapeutic massage. It is affordable and provides personalized Thai massage at home. Overall, the machine relaxes and rejuvenates you when you are very tired. So, if you are looking to buy a massage chair, you have the option to buy the Osaki 7200.

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