Sit Back & Relax with the Special 2016 Best Valued Massage Chair

A complete body massage is what every individual dreams of, especially after a hard day at work. However, going to the spa or massage parlor daily is not possible. But what if you have the option of getting the same type of massage in the comfort of your home? Sounds impossible, but actually true! You can now experience the same relaxation and rejuvenation at home by using any of the specialized massage chairs available in the market.

Sit Back & Relax with the Special 2016 Best Valued Massage Chair

However, with the availability of several massage chairs, finding the perfect one can be an intimidating task. Nevertheless, here is a massage chair that has been adjudged the best massage chair, the Special 2016 Best Valued Massage Chair.

This is an affordable massage chair that provides extreme comfort and superior massage comparable to the massages offered at spas. Ergonomically designed with a simple user interface, the machine promises complete control.

Let us review the massage chair and analyze its features, pros and cons to see whether the claims about the Special 2015 massage chair are true or not.


Auto programs: the massage chair offers four different types of massage therapies such as Spinal Rolling, Shiatsu, Kneading and Vibrating Massage. Each of these therapies is targeted towards a particular objective. The automatic programs enables users to just sit back and relax, while enjoying a complete body massage. The therapies, being targeted towards a particular set of muscles give the relevant sense of comfort and ease.

Customizable Program Options: you can also set a massage program as per your liking and preference. The ability to control the massage chair manually makes it more user-friendly. you can set the speed of the vibrators and even time the program from five to thirty minutes, as required.

Different Speed Options: there are three different speed options enabling users to set the speed, which they find most comfortable. While the programs set manually can be controlled for speed, even the preset programs can be speed-controlled, thereby promising complete comfort.

Advance 3D Scanning Technology: a very promising and exciting feature of the Special 2015 Best Valued Massage Chair is that it recommends a body massage relevant to the structure of the body after scanning your entire body.

Ergonomic Design: when reviewing any massage chair, it is important to take note of the comfort level of the chair and design of the chair is the most relevant characteristic to check this out. The 2015 massage chair is ergonomically designed and therefore promises complete comfort. There is ample padding around the neck assuring complete support.

Enhanced safety features: the Special 2015 massage chair has enhanced safety features which ensure that there are no hazards when there are pets or children around. In case the foot rest moves and touches an obstacle, it stops automatically sensing danger.


While automatic controls, varying speed options and enhanced safety features are the advantages of the chair, here are some more pros of the machine:

  • Affordable: the best thing about the massage chair is that it is reasonably priced and therefore, better than other similarly-featured massage chairs. A reasonable price tag makes it easy for most households to own this magical piece of equipment.
  • Personalized massage experience: as the massage chair can be customized as per your liking and preference, it becomes better than other similar machines that only offer preset programs. Similar machines have preset programs which can be adjusted only for speed and duration.
  • Extended reach: the rollers of the massage chair are so designed that they cover an extended range of the body, right from the top of the neck and down to the tail bone. The rollers move not length wise but also from one side to another, thereby promising complete massage.
  • Heat therapy: you can relax your aching muscles by the inbuilt heat therapy system of the massage chair.
  • Extended warranty: the massage chair is offered with a 3-year warranty for the frame of the chair while all other parts come with a 1-year warranty.
  • Ease of Movement: the machine, though heavy can be easily moved from one place to another because of the wheels at the bottom back of the chair.
  • High Weight Bearing Capacity: the weight bearing capacity of the machine is better than other machines. This makes it convenient even for slightly overweight people to relax and rejuvenate with the massage chair.


These disadvantages are listed as below:

Preset leg recline: a noticeable drawback of this massage chair is that the leg recline is preset and cannot be altered. This restricts independent movement of the legs when reclining in a particular position. Though the reclining can be controlled but the inability to move the legs up makes it a little uncomfortable.

Missing roller function: other similar but a little expensive massage chairs offer roller functions for the legs. But the feature in missing here as the machine has balls that massage the bottom of the feet. Nevertheless, keeping the low price of the machine in mind, this feature can be accepted.


When you compare the pros and the cons of the massage chair, you would be convinced that the pros far exceed the drawbacks. The massage chair is simple and easy to use and maintain. It is durable and made of high quality leather, which makes it look attractive as well.

Considering the price of the massage chair, the slight drawbacks are acceptable. The machine provides overall well being by way of complete body massage. It increases the blood circulation, relaxes and soothes the muscles and rejuvenates the tired body. So, if you are planning to shell out a large sum of money to get a massage at a spa, stop and purchase the Special 2016 Best Valued Massage Chair, the complete home massage system.

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